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Facts and Figures:

- Average monthly consumption of electricity according to the Energy Department is 920 KwH.

- Average monthly cost for electricity is $103

Did you know that Solar/Wind electric systems installed between now and Dec. 31, 2016 qualify for a 30% tax credit for the cost of the system? Visit www.energystar.gov/taxcredits for more information or contact us if you have questions..

How Does Grid Replacement work?

Instead of feeding the grid, replace it! Connect the most important appliances and electrical loads in your home to our Grid Replacement Base Station, and utilize a renewable energy power source to keep the power on.

Solar Power Backup for the home

The focus of Grid Replacement systems is two-fold:

  1. Generate renewable power in the home and save on energy costs
  2. Create a backup system that keeps your important devices running, even if you lose grid power

Renewable power systems are most efficient in the home, at the source, where electricity is needed. Home power systems don't suffer from efficiency losses by transmitting power hundreds of miles, and you don't have to maintain and protect the same long stretches of wire from unexpected disasters.

Most renewable solar/wind power systems either feed electricity into the power grid, rendering themselves useless if the power goes out, OR they exist entirely off-grid, forcing you to size your system to handle the very highest peak loads that you may incur. Off-grid systems are expensive and often generate more power than is actually used, and the excess energy is wasted. Grid Replacement systems combine the benefits of both: you save money on your electricity bill as renewable energy is generated, AND you build an energy source that is not reliant on the public electric grid, providing an emergency backup system when you need it most!

Grid Replacement systems feed the basic power needs of your home, while the public grid handles your peak energy usage.

How do you save money with Grid Replacement?

There is more to renewable power than lowering carbon emissions. Looking beyond the next few years, renewable power systems make financial sense, and they also provide your home with a reliable, independent way to maintain your basic power needs.

Historical Average US Electricity Prices: Source 2008 U.S. EIAWith Grid Replacement systems, you can purchase power for the next 30 to 40 years (or more) at a fixed cost, that will begin saving you money immediately.

A simple 1500watt Grid Replacement system could reduce your homes electricity usage and rates by 30%.

As electricity costs rise, your benefit increases.