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Alternative Energy Base Station


Contact Schechter Energy to place your order. Free delivery to the Cincinnati and Dayton areas.

A Cincinnati Solar powered home is just around the corner.

Did you know that Solar/Wind electric systems installed between now and Dec. 31, 2016 qualify for a 30% tax credit for the cost of the system? Visit www.energystar.gov/taxcredits for more information or contact us if you have questions..

Grid Replacement Products and Services

Alternative energy products and system prices can vary widely. Some factors include installation location and size of system. Schechter Energy's mission is to make your home-based solar installation easy, understandable and affordable. Our Grid Replacement units are designed to be an encompassing solution that meets your needs for energy savings and power backup.

We strive to make your shopping experience as enjoyable and easy as possible and our prices as transparent as possible, we know that cost is important to you. Our online store will be coming online later in 2012 for even more convenient shopping.

Grid Replacement 1500 System:

Schechter Energy provides Grid Replacement systems that cover, panels, electronics, roof mounting hardware and wiring. Everything you need is in one package. A 1500 watt system could save you $350 per year on your electric bill!

GR 1500 Total System Package
- 1 GR1500-24-BS
- 6 245w Solar Panels
- Roof Mounting Hardware
(Pole mount also available)
- 150 amp/hr Battery array
(Additional capacity also available)
Less than $7500, call for quote
GR 3000 Total System Package Call for quote
* Installation costs may vary, ask for a quote.

Custom packages can be designed to fit any need, large or small.

GR Base Station:

To handle the connection of your solar panel array, battery backup and household electrical system, the Grid Replacement Base Station is the solution for you.

Supports up to 1500 watts of power through the solar array or household load. Uses 24 volt DC circuits.
Supports up to 3000 watts of power through the solar array or household load. Uses 24 volt DC circuits.

Addition Grid Replacement Base Station details here.

Solar Panels (PV):

Schechter Energy provides one of the most reliable and highest output crystalline modules available, manufactured by Kyocera. Costs are changing all the time, so contact us to get the latest prices.

135watt panel, 17.7v max, 59.1" x 26.3"
call for prices
185watt panel, 23.6v max, 52.7" x 39.0"
215watt panel, 26.6v max, 59.1" x 39.0"
245watt panel, 26.6v max, 65.4" x 39.0"
315watt panel, 39.8v max
* Additional panel sizes at 205,210,230,235, and 240 watts available upon request

Learn more about Kyocera Solar products here.

Crown Renewable Energy Batteries:

A portion of the Crown Renewable Batteries that we sell are listed below. Ask for more information and additional sizes if needed. Prices are subject to change, please contact us to verify listed prices.

12CRP130 - 12 volt - 130 amp/hr $117.00
12CRP165 - 12 volt - 165 amp/hr $132.60
6CRP290 - 6 volt - 290 amp/hr $141.70
6CRP525 - 6 volt - 525 amp/hr


2CRP1100 - 2 volt - 1100 amp/hr $581.10
2CRP1400 - 2 volt - 1400 amp/hr $601.90
* Additional sizes available, delivery available.

Learn more about Crown Renewable Energy Batteries here.

Schechter Energy can supply other specific electronic needs as well, such as inverters, chargers, etc... Please contact us if you have questions.