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Did you know that Solar/Wind electric systems installed between now and Dec. 31, 2016 qualify for a 30% tax credit for the cost of the system? Visit www.energystar.gov/taxcredits for more information or contact us if you have questions..


As sustainable energy solutions grow out of their infancy around wind, solar, and other green energy sources; we can now begin to see the potential and feasability of renewable energy systems in the home. At the heart of this movement is Grid Replacement.

Home energy systems typically consist of generator power for backup, or renewable energy solutions for either grid-tie (sell energy back to the power company) or off-grid (self-contained power system) connections. Grid Replacement systems combine the advantages of these systems into a package featuring battery backup and net energy savings, all while utilizing the traditional power grid to meet any demand that you may have; all with unparalleled ease of installation.

Grid Replacement systems are designed and built with home-owners in mind. As Natural disasters, man-made accidents, high demand and increasing energy costs threaten your power supply, look for a grid replacement system to keep you powered and online when you need it most, independent of the outages around you.

Schechter Energy - Grid Replacement Base StationFeatured Product:
1500watt Grid Replacement Base Station

The GR1500-24-BS is an all-in-one grid replacment unit that combines charge control, backup, inverter, and energy switching technology to provide a seamless link between your 24volt DC renewable power supply and your home energy circuits. Use this base station unit to save energy costs and provide battery backup when you need power most!

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